The TMREES16 international conference has as a general philosophy to bring together different disciplines of the global research community, in order to discuss, present and network the latest developments and innovations in sustainability; as well as funding opportunities.  
The conference Topics Include, but are not limited to:
Topic 1:Special Session: Hydrogen Energy & fuel cells
Hydrogen Energy & fuel cells; production, storage, transmission,  utilization, enabling technologies, environmental impact, economic,  thermochemical (combustion), photochemical, electrochemical (fuel cells) and nuclear conversion of hydrogen, mechanical and electrical energies (applications in transportation, industrial, commercial and residential sectors).
Topic 2: Solar Energy: New Technologies & Advanced Material
Thin Film solar cells (Si, CdTe, CIS), Solar Cells/ Modules/PV-Systems for Space Applications. Organic-based PV, Polymer PV, dye-sensitized cells/modules. PV Systems and components, PV System Reliability and Availability. PV and Architecture, integration in buildings and urban planning.
Photochemical Solar Energy Conversion, Photo thermal Devices
Crystallization, Wafering, advanced production technologies for silicon and wafers. Manufacturing Issues and Processing, waste treatment, safety.
Microelectronics for Photovoltaic. Characterization of materials and devices, testing, measurements, quality and aging, reliability aspects.
Photovoltaic Materials, New Materials, Nanomaterials, Nanotechnologies, new Design/Concepts for PV Cells and Modules, Modeling and simulation, Semiconductors, III-V & concentrator cells for PV Solar application.
Topic 3 : Renewable Sources of Energy
Smart grids; Innovative systems with storage, Power electronics (components and applications), Power Quality issues, Solar panel Optimization techniques
Energy Storage-Saving-Management; Engineering Technologies & solutions, Energy Transmission and Distribution, Production and Efficiency Electricity Networks of the Future, Power and Energy Generation.
Wind energy; Offshore wind energy-Potential, challenges and state-of-the-art, Technical developments.
Bioenergy; Conversion technologies, Operational and logistical challenges, Techno-economic considerations, biomass and waste.
Biofuels; Biorefinery, Thermochemical and Biochemical conversion.
Hydropower; Technology, Integrated water and energy management.
Marine; Salinity difference power source.
Topic 4: Management & Sustainability: Energy Resources & Environmental Quality
- Hybrid and Integrated Energy System, Power Systems and Automation, Energy Policy, Planning & Management laws.
- Electricity and Energy Efficiency, Building Management Systems, Smart Grid, Smart metering, Energy Storage & Plug-In Electric Vehicles
- Industrial waste treatment, Air pollution control and equipment, Pollution prevention in industry, Water pollution and treatment
- Environmental technologies and Contribution sustainability, Climate Change, emissions and Global Warming, Sustainable built environment, Ecotoxicity
- Sustainable development and planning, Natural resources management, Soil contamination and recovery, Landscape development and management, Green economy, Future Markets, Business Opportunities.

Publication: Main Volume and Special Issues for TMREES16
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Main Volume with AIP Scitationpublished by the American Institute of Physics Publishing LLC (H-index: 34)

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1-Special Issue with International Journal of Hydrogen Energy-IJHE, published by Elsevier(5-Year IF: 3.448) 

2-Special Issue with Management of Environmental Quality-MEQ, published by Emerald (H-index: 17)

3-Special Issue with Progress in Industrial Ecology - PIE, published by InderScience (H-index: 19)

4-Special Issue with Journal of Electron Devices-JELDEV (H-index: 13)

5-Selection of papers with Sensor Review Journal-SR, published by Emerald (H-index: 34) 

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