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Special Issue at IJHE (5-Year Impact Factor: 3.647): A selection of high-quality hydrogen related papers will be published
Full Program
Updated 17 Sept 2018

The Conference has the honor to present three world wide distinguished scientists as Key note speakers (in alphabetical order):

Dimosthenis Asimakopoulos
Organization of primary employment: Professor of Environmental Physics, Department of Physics, former Rector of the University of Athens, Panepistimioupolis, Building Physics 5, 157 84 Athens, Tel. +30 201 727 6920, E-mail:, mob.+30 6974322610.
Education: Diploma and Ph.D, University College London, Electronic and Electrical Eng. Dept., DSc.University of Athens, School of Physics and Mathematics.
Professional Experience. UCL academic personnel, Researcher WPL/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration USA, visiting professor at Polytechnic School of Torino and Trier University. Vice Rector and Rector of the University of Athens, Director at the National Observatory of Athens, President of the National Center of Marine Research, President and Executive Director of the Euginidion Hospital, Chairman of the Research Account Committee and Director of the Center for Continues Education of the University of Athens, Vice President of the Onasion Cardio Surgical Center, Vice President of the European Environment Agency.
Main Fields of Scientific Directions: Coordination of Large Scientific and Teaching Programs, Study of Physics of the Built Environment, Air Pollution, Instrumentation Technology, Renewable Energy Sources, Climatic Change.
Published Work: Over 707 articles int'l scientific journals, Conferences and scientific Reports.
Decorations: PhD., D.Sc., Fellow of the Institute of Electrical Eng., (FIEE, UK), Chartered Eng. (UK), Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society, (FRMS, UK), Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece, (GR), Chartered Eng. (GR), Fellow of the Hellenic Meteorological Society, (GR) Member of the European Environment Research Organisation, (EERO), Foreign Member of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Member of the Euro Mediterranean Academy of Arts and Sciences –Head of the Greek Chapter. Lord Notarius of the Alexandrian Patriarch. Saint George Great Cross of the Hellenic Church. Decorations from National and International Organizations for his contribution and Management of large programs.

Prof John (Ioannis) K. Kaldellis: PhD, Mechanical Engineer (National Technical University of Athens), Business Administration Diploma (University of Piraeus). He obtained his PhD in 1988 from NTUA sponsored by Snecma–Dassault, France and Bodosssakis Foundation, Greece. Since 1993, Professor at Mechanical Engineers Department, University of West Attica (UWA, former TEI of Piraeus). Director of the SEALAB and Scientific Director of MSc in Energy Systems and of MSc in Energy and Environmental Investments. He is also Chief-Director of Center for Technological Research for Piraeus and Islands. His research interests include feasibility analysis of energy sector applications and projects, technological progress in wind, hydro and solar energy market, hybrid energy systems, energy storage issues, social attitude towards renewable energy applications and environmental technology-air pollution. In this context he has been the Scientific Responsible and/or member of the Research Team for many international and national research projects. Prof Kaldellis has published six books concerning Renewable Energy Applications (4) and Protection of the Environment (2). On top of these, he is the Editor of the book entitled "Stand-alone and hybrid wind energy systems: Technology, energy storage and applications" and he is also the Editor of the "Wind Energy" Volume of the Comprehensive Renewable Energy Encyclopaedia by Elsevier. He is currently Associate Editor of the Renewable Energy International Journal, member of the Editorial Board of several International Journals (Applied Energy, Sustainability, etc.) and reviewer in more than 50 International Journals in the Energy and Environment Sector. He is the author of more than 150 scientific papers in peer reviewed Journals and more than 400 papers in Scientific Conferences and has more than 3500 citations in his research work (h-index (Scopus) -33). Since 2015 he is the Scientific Responsible of the TILOS-Horizon 2020 research program.

Frangiskos V. Topalis, Ph.D., Professor at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of National Technical University of Athens. He teaches the courses of lighting, rational use of energy in electrical installations, quality assurance and high voltage systems. He is director of the Lighting Laboratory. His area of specialization is photometry and lighting systems. He is author of several text books on lighting. He has coordinated several projects in the field of photometry, lighting, rational use of energy in lighting installations and of the development of lighting control systems and luminance measuring systems with imaging sensors.

Prof. Dr. Thamir A. Hasan Al-Najafi was born on April 22, 1965, in Al-Kadhimiya, Baghdad, Iraq, he hold a PhD. Degree in Materials – Nanotechnology and he is the president of Al-Karkh University of Science.
Prof. Thamir A. Hasan has many published books related to the nanotechnology are: "Nanocomposite Fabrication Of PANI-CNTs Nanofiber For Chemical Sensing"(2015) and Nanostructures Zinc Oxide (ZnO) Synthesis with Hydrothermal Method and more than 15 research papers targeted to Development of Nanosensors in Nuclear technology, Development of Nanosensors in Nuclear Waste Water" and Hydrothermal growth of nanostructured Zinc oxide" published in international journals. He has many gold and silver medals due to his participation in many international conferences. He is also a member in IFIA.


The TMREES18-Greece international conference has as a general philosophy to bring together different disciplines of the global research community, in order to discuss, present and network the latest developments and innovations in sustainability; as well as funding opportunities.

Special Session on: 
Hydrogen Energy & fuel cells
Production/ storage/ transmission/ utilization/ enabling technologies/ environmental impact/ economic/ thermochemical/ photochemical/ electrochemical (fuel cells)/ nuclear conversion of hydrogen.

Conference Topics Include, but are not limited to:

Materials Science & Engineering
Nanotechnology in Materials Science/ Batteries and Energy Materials/ Metallurgy and Materials Science/ Emerging technologies in materials science/ Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering/ Structural Materials and Characterization/ Polymer Science and Technology/ Mechanics and Materials Science/ Materials Chemistry and Physics/ Computational Materials Science/
Solar Energy: New Technologies & Advanced Material
Thin Film/ Solar Cells/ Modules/PV-Systems. Organic-based PV/ Polymer PV/ dye-sensitized cells/modules. Integration in buildings and urban planning. Photochemical Solar Energy Conversion/ Photo thermal Devices. Crystallization/ Wafering/ advanced production technologies for silicon and wafers. Manufacturing Issues and Processing/ waste treatment/ safety. Microelectronics for Photovoltaic. Characterization of materials and devices/ testing/ measurements/ quality and aging/ reliability aspects. PV Materials/ New Materials/ Nanomaterials/ Nanotechnologies/ new Design/Concepts for PV Cells and Modules/ Modeling and simulation.

Renewable Sources of Energy
Energy recovery from wastes/Critical Energy/Infrastructure Protection/Energy Harvesting Technologies/Energy Efficiency
Smart grids; Innovative systems with storage/ Power electronics/ Power Quality issues/ solar panel. Optimization techniques. Energy Storage-Saving-Management; Engineering Technologies & solutions/ Energy Transmission and Distribution/ Production and Efficiency. Electricity Networks of the Future/ Power and Energy Generation. Wind energy; challenges and state-of-the-art/ Technical developments. Bioenergy; Conversion technologies/ Operational & logistical challenges/ Techno-economic/ biomass & waste. Biofuels; Biorefinery/ Thermochemical & Biochemical conversion. Hydropower; Technology/ Integrated water and energy management. Marine; Salinity difference power source. Hybrid and Integrated Systems.

Management/ Sustainability and Environmental Quality
Energy Policy/ Planning & Management laws. Building Management Systems/ Smart Grid/ Smart metering/ Industrial waste treatment management/ Air pollution control and equipment/ Environmental technologies and Contribution sustainability/ Climate Change/ Emissions and Global Warming/ Sustainable built environment/ Ecotoxicity. Sustainable development and planning/ Natural resources management/ Soil contamination and recovery/ Landscape development and management/ Green economy/ Future Markets/ Business Opportunities.

Green Economy and Sustainable Development
Green Economy and Sustainability. Transportation’s air pollution and health concerns.
Policy considerations and rebound effects

Members of Scientific Committee
Alaa Abdulhasn-Atiyah, Iraq
Alia Abdul-Muhssan shuihab, Iraq
Abdelghani Harrag, Algeria
Abdelouahed Kriker, Algeria
Ahaitouf Abdelaziz, Morroco
Ali Benmeddour, Canada
Al-Qaradawi Ilham, Qatar
Amira Elnokaly, England
Ammar Hamza, Iraq
Anestis Anastasiadis, Greece
Angel Cid-Pastor, Spain
Boubekri Abdelghani, Algeria
Burak Kadem, England
Chaker Abla, Algeria
Costantinos Psomopoulos, Greece
Elena Cristina Rada, Italy
Emilia Kondili, Greece
Errami Youssef, Morroco
Fabio Fatiguso, Italy
Georges Descombes, France
Georgios Ioannidis, Greece
Georgios Vokas, Greece
Jihane Kartite, Morroco
Kalkanis Konstantinos, Greece
Khalaf Alabdallah, Syria
Kosmas Kavadias, Greece
Kyriakos Agavanakis, Greece
Linda Hassaine, Algeria
Majda Suleiman, Kuwait
Margarita Niki Assimakopoulos, Greece
Maria Rangoussi, Greece
Maria Samarakou, Greece
Miguel Amado, Portugal
Mohamed Yacine Ayad, France
Mona Gamalelden, Egypt
Muna Abbas, Iraq
Nikas Konstantinos, Greece
Olga Shepovalova, Russia
Ondrej Sikula, Czech Republic
Patrikakis Charalambos, Greece
Paulo Brito, Portugal
Piotr Arabas, Poland
Piromalis Dimitrios, Greece                      
Radu Chiriac, Romania
Saad Farid, Iraq
Savvas Vassiliadis, Greece
Stavros Kaminaris, Greece
Valter Silva, Portugal
Yosr Allouche, Norway
Zanieb Jameel, Iraq