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The TMREES21-Gr international conference has as a general philosophy to bring together different disciplines of the global research community, in order to discuss, present and network the latest developments and innovations in sustainability; as well as funding opportunities.

Conference Topics Include, but are not limited to:
Solar Energy Advanced Technologies
Photovoltaic Panels and Cells, Concepts, Modeling & simulation, Microelectronics, Characterization, testing/ Thin Film, Cells-Modules-Systems-Dye Sensitized, Organic Based-Polymer-Nanotechnologies/ Solar thermal technologies & applications/Photo chemical-thermal Conversion /Integration in buildings and urban planning.
Other Energy Sources
Recovery from wastes, Harvesting Technologies, Efficiency/Smart grids, Quality/ Storage-Saving-Management, Wind energy & Applications, Bioenergy-biomass-Biofuels; Conversion technologies, Hydropower, Marine.
Hydrogen Energy and fuel cells: Production/ storage/ transmission/ utilization/ enabling technologies/ environmental impact/ economic/ thermochemical/ photochemical/ nuclear conversion of hydrogen.
Applied Chemistry Sciences
Advanced Organic & Inorganic Chemistry, Advanced Medicinal Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biological Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry in Clinical Research, Computational Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Green and Sustainable Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Photochemistry and Spectroscopy, Physical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry.
Environmental Quality,  Climate change and Health
Pollution Control, Transport, smart metering, Carbon Emissions, Climate Change, Landscaping, Environmental Protection and Management, Water resources, Ecological Issues, Radioactive waste, toxic products, Nutrition, Agriculture, Stress and disease                 
Molecular Application with nanotechnology, Nano vaccine, Environmental Biotechnology, Nano genetics effect, Nano cancer treatment, Climate change genetically variation, Biomarkers and Environmental Biomarkers
Engineering for Sustainability: Physics & Materials
Advanced Materials, Condensed Matter, Energy Materials, Nanotechnology, Mechanics, Computational, /Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering/ Structural Materials and Characterization/ Polymer Science and Technology. 

Management, Laws and Sustainable Development
Energy Policy, Planning, Taxation and Management laws/ Building Management Systems, Smart Grid, Smart metering, Industrial waste treatment management/ Future Markets, Business Opportunities. Green Economy and Sustainability.
Global environmental governance, practice theory and narrative theory, Diplomacy, green growth governance, Integration, climate-friendly economy, Sustainability

Important information
Conference language is English. 
Each paper will be reviewed by at least by 2 independent experts from an international scientific committee.
All accepted Papers will be published in the special Issues Of the Conference. 
Full Papers must be formatted according to the Publisher’s Template.
Manuscript must be of original research work and not published/under consideration in other conferences/journal. 
Oral and poster submissions are treated equaly in terms of publication and ranking
Papers are reviewed on the basis that they do not contain plagiarized material.