The International Conference on Technologies and Materials for Renewable Energy, Environment and Sustainability
TMREES16 International Conference
April, 15 to 18, 2016 | Beirut - Lebanon


Table of contents - Special Issue: Sustainable environmental quality management
Guest Editors: Professor Chafic-Thomas Salame

Hydrothermal coordination in power systems with large-scale integration of renewable energy sources
Anestis Anastasiadis, Georgios Kondylis, Georgios A Vokas, Panagiotis Papageorgas
The purpose of this paper is to examine the feasibility of an ideal power network that combines many different renewable energy technologies such as wind power…

Water resources assessment in the region of Ben Azzouz (Hadjar Soud, North East Algeria)
Mani Hannouche, Amar Lebbad, Tahar Wafa
The purpose of this paper is to give a better knowledge of water resources in the region of Ben Azzouz, and to improve the actual water management through harmonization…

Respirometric index as a tool for biogas generation production from poultry manure
Stefano Antognoni, Marco Ragazzi, Gabriela Ionescu, Giorgia Passamani, Simone Zanoni, Elena C. Rada, Vincenzo Torretta
In the EU, over the past three decades, poultry production has been growing around the 5 percent per year. This increase determined a higher volume of livestock and…

Characterization of diatomite from Sig region (West Algeria) for industrial application
Hazem Meradi, L'Hadi Atoui, Lynda Bahloul, Kotbia Labiod, Fadhel Ismail
Diatomite also known Kieselguhr, is a non-metallic mineral composed of the skeletal remains of microscopic single-celled aquatic algae called diatoms. The purpose of this…

Process enhancement for maximization of methane production in codigestion biogas plants
Andrea G Capodaglio, Ezio Ranieri, Vincenzo Torretta
– The purpose of this paper is to develop improvements in the efficiency of the codigestion process.

Chemometric modeling to predict aquatic toxicity of benzene derivatives in Pimephales Promelas
Nadia Ziani, Khadidja Amirat, Djelloul Messadi
– The purpose of this paper is to predict the aquatic toxicity (LC50) of 92 substituted benzenes derivatives in Pimephales promelas.

Chemometric modeling to predict retention times for a large set of pesticides or toxicants using hybrid genetic algorithm/multiple linear regression approach
Khadidja Amirat, Nadia Ziani, Djelloul Messadi
– The purpose of this paper is to predict the retention times of 84 pesticides or toxicants.

Assessment and management of water resources in the watershed of the middle Seybouse (Northeast Algeria)
Nabil Brahmia, Salah Chaab, Aziez Zeddouri
The purpose of this paper is to focus on the assessment of water resources in the Seybouse middle sub-basin. Analyses of water and various current uses are used to draw…

Environmental implication of the Algerian traditional house
Sabrina Kacher, Hanane Zermout
The control of the environmental impacts of buildings and constructions has certainly progressed in recent years in Europe, but very little in Algeria. The purpose of this…

APC-AIP Vol. 1758, 010001, (2016)
Preface: International Conference on Technologies and Materials for Renewable Energy, Environment and Sustainability TMREES16 International Conference
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 010001 (2016);
Program Committees: International Conference on Technologies and Materials for Renewable Energy, Environment and Sustainability TMREES16 International Conference
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 010002 (2016);
Evaluation of hybrid sol-gel incorporated with nanoparticles as nano paint
Zainab N. Jameel, Adawiya J. Haider, Samar Y. Taha, Shubhra Gangopadhyay and Sangho Bok
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 020001 (2016);
Structural and optical studied of nano structured lead sulfide thin films prepared by the chemical bath deposition technique
Nasser Saad Al Din, Nabiha Hussain and Nidhal Jandow
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 020002 (2016);
Biomimicry as an approach for sustainable architecture case of arid regions with hot and dry climate
Nabila Bouabdallah, Houda M’sellem and Djamel Alkama
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 020003 (2016);
Performances analysis and comparison of the CCPC and pyramid shaped solar concentrators for CPV
S. El Himer, S. El Yahyaoui, Z. Benmohammad, A. Mechaqrane and A. Ahaitouf
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 020004 (2016);
Progress in energy generation for Canadian remote sites
Y. Saad, R. Younes, S. Abboudi, A. Ilinca and C. Nohra
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 020005 (2016);
The effects of organic solvents and their co-solvents on the optical, structural, morphological of P3HT:PCBM organic solar cells
Burak Y. Kadem, Aseel K. Hassan and Wayne Cranton
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 020006 (2016);
The oasis of Tiout in the southwest of Algeria: Water resources and sustainable development
Abdelkader Hadidi, Boualem Remini, Mohamed Habi, Djamel Saba and Milloud Benmedjaed
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 020007 (2016);
Lebanese household carbon footprint: Measurements, analysis and challenges
Rawad Nasr, Ibrahim Tall, Nour Nachabe and Farid Chaaban
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 020008 (2016);
Energy and environmental evaluation of solid oxide fuel cell system for tri-generation in residential applications
Houssein Al Moussawi, Farouk Fardoun and Hasna Louahlia-Gualous
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 020009 (2016);
Decision making for best cogeneration power integration into a grid
Joseph Al Asmar, Nadim Zakhia, Raed Kouta and Maxime Wack
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 020010 (2016);
On eco-efficient technologies to minimize industrial water consumption
Mohammad C. Amiri, Hossein Mohammadifard and Ghasem Ghaffari
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 020011 (2016);
Assessment of wind energy potential and cost estimation of wind-generated electricity at hilltops surrounding the city of Maroua in Cameroon
Dieudonné Kidmo Kaoga, Bachirou Bogno, Michel Aillerie, Danwe Raidandi, Serge Doka Yamigno, Oumarou Hamandjoda and Beda Tibi
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 020012 (2016);
A numerical study of latent thermal energy storage in a phase change material/carbon panel
Najoua Mekaddem, Samia Ben Ali, Atef Mazioud and Ahmed Hannachi
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 020013 (2016);
Numerical modeling of GaInP/GaAs monolithic tandem solar cells
Abderrezak Mahfoud, Mohamed Fathi, Abderrahmane Belghachi and Farid Djahli
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 020014 (2016);
Optimized MPPT algorithm for boost converters taking into account the environmental variables
Pierre Petit, Jean-Paul Sawicki, Frédéric Saint-Eve, Fabrice Maufay and Michel Aillerie
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 020015 (2016);
Dark and illuminated characteristics of photovoltaic solar modules. Part I: Influence of dark electrical stress
Jean Zaraket, Michel Aillerie and Chafic Salame
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 020016 (2016);
Experimental study and effect of particulate interference on the microhardness, wear and microstructural properties of ternary doped coating
O. S. I. Fayomi, A. P. I. Popoola, O. O. Joseph, A. O. Inegbenebor and D. O. Olukanni
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 020017 (2016);
FPGA implementation of high-frequency multiple PWM for variable voltage variable frequency controller
Abdelâali Boumaaraf, Tayeb Mohamadi and Laïd Gourmat
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 020018 (2016);
Comparative assessment of the degradation mechanism of micro-alloyed steel in E20 and E80 simulated fuel grade ethanol environments
O. O. Joseph, C. A. Loto, S. Sivaprasad, J. A. Ajayi and O. S. I. Fayomi
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 020019 (2016);
In-situ evaluation of the degradable carbon influence for industrial waste water treatment
O. S. I. Fayomi, D. O. Olukanni, G. U. Fayomi, O. O. Joseph and A. P. I. Popoola
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 020020 (2016);
Evaluation of wind energy cost and site selection for a wind-farm in the south of Algeria
M. Benmemdejahed and S. Mouhadjer
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030001 (2016);
An effective control strategy to maximize power extraction from wind turbines
Samir Mouhadjer, Miloud Benmedjahed and Ammar Neçaïbia
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030002 (2016);
Deposition of silver nanoparticles on multiwalled carbon nanotubes by chemical reduction process and their antimicrobial effects
Adawiya J. Haider, Amin D. Thamir, Duha S. Ahmed and M. R. Mohammad
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030003 (2016);
Contribution to the study of thermal properties of clay bricks reinforced by date palm fiber
A. Mekhermeche, A. Kriker and S. Dahmani
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030004 (2016);
Effect of the addition of by-product ash of date palms on the mechanical characteristics of gypsum-calcareous materials used in road construction
A. Khellou, A. Kriker, A. Hafssi, K. Belbarka and K. Baali
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030005 (2016);
Microbial diversity and organic matter fractions under two arid soils in Algerian Sahara
Mokhtar Karabi, Aissa Baelhadj Hamdi and Salah Zenkhri
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030006 (2016);
Experimental study of a solar still
Z. Sari Hassoun, K. Aliane and H. I. Berrezoug
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030007 (2016);
Effect of exposure delay of concrete into aggressive environment
Youcef Abimouloud and Abdelouahed Kriker
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030008 (2016);
Performances and failure of field-aged PV modules operating in Saharan region of Algeria
M. Sadok, B. Benyoucef, M. Othmani and A. Mehdaoui
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030009 (2016);
An intelligent traceability system: Efficient tool for a supply chain sustainability
Abdesselam Bougdira, Abdelaziz Ahaitouf and Ismail Akharraz
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030010 (2016);
An experimental study on recovering heat from domestic drain water
Mohamad Ramadan, Ali Al Shaer, Ahmad Haddad and Mahmoud Khaled
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030011 (2016);
Assessment of groundwater vulnerability by combining drastic and susceptibility index: Application to Annaba superficial aquifer (Algeria)
Nassima Sedrati, Larbi Djabri, Hicham Chaffai and Nabil Bougherira
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030012 (2016);
Life cycle assessment applied to the sector of microelectronic devices
Agata Matarazzo, Carlo Ingrao and Maria Teresa Clasadonte
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030013 (2016);
Modeling and simulation of InGaN/GaN quantum dots solar cell
A. Aissat, F. Benyettou and J. P. Vilcot
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030014 (2016);
Quantification and multivariate analysis of water erosion in the Mediterranean region. A case study of the Isser basin. northern Algeria
Houari Zeggane and Djamel Boutoutaou
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030015 (2016);
Production of biomass by Spirulina at different groundwater type. Case of Ouargla-Southeast Algeria
Ali Saggaï, Belkheir Dadamoussa, Afaf Djaghoubi and Samia Bissati
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030016 (2016);
Abacus for the determination of the groundwater evaporation in arid areas. Case of the region of Ouargla-Algeria
Myriam Marie El Fergougui and Djamel Boutoutaou
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030017 (2016);
Experimental study on flat plate air solar collector using a thin sand layer
Moukhtar Lati, Slimane Boughali, Hamza Bouguettaia, Djamel Mennouche and Djamel Bechki
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030018 (2016);
A review on the performance and modelling of proton exchange membrane fuel cells
A. Boucetta, H. Ghodbane, M. Y. Ayad and M. Bahri
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030019 (2016);
Effect of reed stalks on the flow velocity in a rectangular open canal in arid areas
Laid Mechri, Djamel Boutoutaou, Sofiane Saggaï and Mohamed Lakhdar Saker
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030020 (2016);
Environmental and comfort upgrading through lean technologies in informal settlements: Case study in Nairobi, Kenia and New Delhi, India
Enrico De Angelis, Lavinia Chiara Tagliabue, Paolo Zecchini and Mattia Milanesi
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030021 (2016);
Fuel cells, batteries and super-capacitors stand-alone power systems management using optimal/flatness based-control
M. Benaouadj, A. Aboubou, M. Y. Ayad, M. Bahri and A. Boucetta
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030022 (2016);
Study of hydro-saline characteristics of soils a palm grove in basin of Ouargla (Northern Algerian Sahara)
D. Rezagui, M. Dabbi Bouhoun, D. Boutoutaou and A. Djaghoubi
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030023 (2016);
Effect of hot-dry environment on fiber-reinforced self-compacting concrete
Tahar Tioua, Abdelouahed Kriker, Aimad Salhi and Gonzalo Barluenga
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030024 (2016);
Durability of visitable concrete sewer gallery under the effect of domestic wastewater
Aimed Salhi, Abdelouahed Kriker, Tahar Tioua, Youcef Abimiloud and Gonzalo Barluenga
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030025 (2016);
Effect of quality of phreatic aquifer water and water upwelling on constructions. A case study of Ouargla
Sofiane Saggaï, Oum Elkheir Bachi and Ali Saggaï
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030026 (2016);
Performance of Terminalia catappa on mild steel corrosion in HCl medium
Olugbenga Adeshola Omotosho, Joshua Olusegun Okeniyi, Cleophas Akintoye Loto, Abimbola Patricia Idowu Popoola, Chukwunonso Ezekiel Obi, Oluwatobi Oluwasegun Oluwagbenga Sonoiki, Adeoluwa Barnabas Oni, Ayomide Samuel Alabi and Abisola Ebunoluwa Olarewaju
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030027 (2016);
Impact of mining residues on surface and groundwater quality. Case of the mining sector of Azzaba in the North-East of Algeria
Zouina Haouli, Nacer Kherici, Oussama Derdous, Amina Sassane and Nabil Bougherira
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030028 (2016);
Study by simulation of the SnO2 and ZnO anti-reflection layers in n-SiC/p-SiC solar cells
Hana Zerfaoui, Djalel Dib, Mohamed Rahmani, Kamel Benyelloul and Chafia Mebarkia
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030029 (2016);
Contribution of the conferences of the parties and the renewable energy role for the fight against climate change
A. Ghezloun, A. Saidane, N. Oucher and H. Merabet
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030030 (2016);
Phyllanthus muellerianus and C6H15NO3 synergistic effects on 0.5 M H2SO4-immersed steel-reinforced concrete: Implication for clean corrosion-protection of wind energy structures in industrial environment
Joshua Olusegun Okeniyi, Olugbenga Adeshola Omotosho, Abimbola Patricia Idowu Popoola and Cleophas Akintoye Loto
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030031 (2016);
A multi-perspective review of microbial fuel-cells for wastewater treatment: Bio-electro-chemical, microbiologic and modeling aspects
Andrea G. Capodaglio, Daniele Molognoni and Anna Vilajeliu Pons
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030032 (2016);
Quality and management of hot water of intercalary continental, northern Sahara of Algeria
Ala Eddine Tifrani and Imed Eddine Nezli
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030033 (2016);
The role of buffer layers and double windows layers in a solar cell CZTS performances
C. Mebarkia, D. Dib, H. Zerfaoui and R. Belghit
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030034 (2016);
Hydrochemical characteristics of the thermal sources in the extreme northeastern part of Algeria
Mohamed Fouzi Bekkouch and Moussa Benhamza
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030035 (2016);
Adaptive smart simulator for characterization and MPPT construction of PV array
Mehdi Ouada, Mohamed Salah Meridjet and Djalel Dib
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030036 (2016);
Energy optimization for a wind DFIG with flywheel energy storage
Ihssen Hamzaoui and Farid Bouchafaa
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030037 (2016);
Outdoor performances of four photovoltaic technologies under four typical meteorological conditions
A. Guenounou, M. Aillerie, A. Malek, A. Triki, A. Oulebsir, Z. Smara, A. Mahrane and M. Chikh
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030038 (2016);
Improving the behavior of body roads by the use of gravel-slag mixture
Hocine Hadinane, Hocine Oucief and Mouloud Merzoud
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030039 (2016);
Soil contamination by petroleum products. Southern Algerian case
Amina Belabbas, Djamel Boutoutaou, Sofiane Segaï and Ladjel Segni
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030040 (2016);
Short review on solar energy systems
Amal Herez, Mohamad Ramadan, Bakri Abdulhay and Mahmoud Khaled
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030041 (2016);
Contribution to the physical-mechanical study of cement CRS basis of dune-sand powder and other minerals
Saci Dahmani and Abdelouahed Kriker
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030042 (2016);
Characterization of silica quartz as raw material in photovoltaic applications
S. Anas Boussaa, A. Kheloufi, N. Boutarek Zaourar, A. Kefaifi and F. Kerkar
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030043 (2016);
Influence of precursor solution volume on the optical properties of spray deposited ZnO films
Asma Bedia, Fatima Zohra Bedia, Michel Aillerie and Maloufi Nabila
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030044 (2016);
Short review on heat recovery from exhaust gas
Hassan Jaber, Mahmoud Khaled, Thierry Lemenand and Mohamad Ramadan
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030045 (2016);
Control device for automatic orientation of a solar panel based on a microcontroller (PIC16f628a)
M. R. Rezoug and A. Krama
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030046 (2016);
Comparison of four MPPT techniques for PV systems
L. Atik, P. Petit, J. P. Sawicki, Z. T. Ternifi, G. Bachir and M. Aillerie
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030047 (2016);
Quality improvement of the AC electrical energy produced by a modular inverter dedicated to photovoltaic applications
T. Z. Ternifi, L. Atik, G. Bachir, A. W. Belarbi, P. Petit and M. Aillerie
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030048 (2016);
Simulation of the outdoor energy efficiency of an autonomous solar kit based on meteorological data for a site in Central Europa
Mohammed Moustafa Bouzaki, Meriem Chadel, Boumediene Benyoucef, Pierre Petit and Michel Aillerie
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030049 (2016);
A numerical study of a vertical solar air collector with obstacle
A. Moumeni, B. Bouchekima and M. Lati
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030050 (2016);
Technico–economic assessment of hybrid diesel-photovoltaic power plant in the south of Algeria
A. Y. Kadri and A. Hamidat
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030051 (2016);
Dark and illuminated characteristics of photovoltaic solar modules. Part II: Influence of light electrical stress
Jean Zaraket, Chafic Salame and Michel Aillerie
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030052 (2016);
Design of a nonlinear backstepping control strategy of grid interconnected wind power system based PMSG
Y. Errami, A. Obbadi, S. Sahnoun, M. Benhmida, M. Ouassaid and M. Maaroufi
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030053 (2016);
Behavior of some organic pollutants in the waters of Meboudja’s plain (North - East Algerian)
Amina Sassane, Nacer Kherici, Hamza Bouguerra and Zouina Haouli
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030054 (2016);
Fuzzy logic controller versus classical logic controller for residential hybrid solar-wind-storage energy system
A. Derrouazin, M. Aillerie, N. Mekkakia-Maaza and J. P. Charles
AIP Conference Proceedings 1758, 030055 (2016);