The International Conference on Technologies and Materials for Renewable Energy, Environment and Sustainability
TMREES16-Fr International Conference
November, 16 to 18, 2016 | Paris-France


ISSN online: 1478-8764 
Guest Editors: Prof. Chafic-Touma Salame and Prof. Michel Aillerie
Progress in Industrial Ecology, An International Journal, Vol.10 No.4, 2016
Pages      Title and author(s)
321-333 Heating residential water using parabolic trough concentrators: theoretical calculations and analysis
Mahmoud Khaled; Hany Beltagy; Ali Shaito; Hicham El Hage; Mohamad Ramadan
DOI: 10.1504/PIE.2016.083910
334-352 Strategies for energy retrofitting of historic urban districts
F. Fatiguso; E. Cantatore; M. De Fino
DOI: 10.1504/PIE.2016.083909
353-369 Water pollution evaluation of Oued Boudjemaa (Algeria)
Radia Hafsi; Ouerdachi Lahbassi; Abdelouahed Kriker; Hamouda Boutaghane
DOI: 10.1504/PIE.2016.083915
370-381 PCDD/Fs environmental impact from an anaerobic digestion treatment
Elena Cristina Rada; Agnese Ferrari; Marco Ragazzi; Marco Schiavon; Vincenzo Torretta
DOI: 10.1504/PIE.2016.083927
382-397 Air micro-pollutants analysed through rough set approach
Agata Matarazzo
DOI: 10.1504/PIE.2016.083925
398-413 Inhibition and mechanism of Terminalia catappa on mild-steel corrosion in sulphuric-acid environment
Olugbenga Adeshola Omotosho; Joshua Olusegun Okeniyi; Adeoluwa Barnabas Oni; Thomas Oluwafemi Makinwa; Omokolade Bamidele Ajibola; Ekundayo Oluwademilade Jacob Fademi; Chukwunonso Ezekiel Obi; Cleophas Akintoye Loto; Abimbola Patricia Idowu Popoola
DOI: 10.1504/PIE.2016.083924
414-426 Bio-characterisation of Solanum aethiopicum leaf: prospect on steel-rebar total-corrosion in chloride-contaminated-environment
Joshua Olusegun Okeniyi; Elizabeth Toyin Okeniyi; Taiwo Felicia Owoeye
DOI: 10.1504/PIE.2016.083923
427-442 Forest certification standards as a tool for environmental sustainability in wood building sector
Agata Matarazzo; Antonella Rinaldo; Antonio Zerbo
DOI: 10.1504/PIE.2016.083934
ISBN: 978-0-7354-1482-2
APC-AIP, Vol. 1814, 2017
Preface: International Conference on Technologies and Materials for Renewable Energy, Environment and Sustainability
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 010001 (2017);
Physico-mechanical properties of a brick based with sand of dunes stabilized by hydraulic lime
Mohamed Djouhri and Mohamed Taher Bentebba
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020001 (2017);
Photovoltaic pumping system - Comparative study analysis between direct and indirect coupling mode
Abdelghani Harrag, Abdessalem Titraoui, Hamza Bahri and Sabir Messalti
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020002 (2017);
Experimental study of sequent depths ratio of hydraulic jump in sloped rectangular channel
Samir Kateb, Mahmoud Debabeche, Kais Baouia and Rachid Zgait
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020003 (2017);
A new robust control scheme using second order sliding mode and fuzzy logic of a DFIM supplied by two five-level SVPWM inverters
Zinelaabidine Boudjema, Rachid Taleb and Elhadj Bounadja
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020004 (2017);
The effect of seasonal variation on the performances of grid connected photovoltaic system in southern of Algeria
L. Zaghba, M. Khennane, N. Terki, A. Borni, A. Bouchakour, A. Fezzani, I. Hadj Mahamed and S. H. Oudjana
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020005 (2017);
Fuzzy logic, PSO based fuzzy logic algorithm and current controls comparative for grid-connected hybrid system
A. Borni, T. Abdelkrim, L. Zaghba, A. Bouchakour, A. Lakhdari and L. Zarour
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020006 (2017);
Influence of the external and internal parameters on the characteristics of generator PV
Mounir Zouli, Sihem Ghoudelbourk, Ahmed Ouari and Djallel Dib
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020007 (2017);
Selective harmonic elimination strategy in eleven level inverter for PV system with unbalanced DC sources
Sihem. Ghoudelbourk, D. Dib, B. Meghni and M. Zouli
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020008 (2017);
A new adjustable gains for second order sliding mode control of saturated DFIG-based wind turbine
E. Bounadja, A. Djahbar, R. Taleb and Z. Boudjema
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020009 (2017);
A simulation study of a solar collector using phase change materials for air heating application needs
Messaoud Sandali, Abdelghani Boubekri, Abderrahmane Benhamza, Belkhir Settou, Daoud Halassa and Djamel Mennouche
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020010 (2017);
Dispatchable hydrogen production at the forecourt for electricity grid balancing
Abdulla Rahil, Rupert Gammon and Neil Brown
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020011 (2017);
Study on the benefits of using the date palm trees residuals in Saudi Arabia for development of the non-traditional wooden industry
H. A. Ghulman, M. Nabil Metwally and M. W. Alhazmi
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020012 (2017);
Artificial neural networks for defining the water quality determinants of groundwater abstraction in coastal aquifer
S. Lallahem and A. Hani
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020013 (2017);
Experimental investigate of heat transfer for graphene/water nanofluid in micro heat exchanger
S. E. Abd Elhafez, E. M. Abo-Zahhad, A. H. El-Shazly and M. F. El-Kady
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020014 (2017);
Experimental study of pressure drops across microtube using graphene and magnetic graphene nanofluid
E. M. Abo-Zahhad, A. H. El-Shazly and M. F. El-Kady
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020015 (2017);
Flat plate solar air heater with latent heat storage
B. Touati, N. Kerroumi and J. Virgone
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020016 (2017);
Study of the evolution of temperatures in flat plate solar collectors
Zakaria Sari Hassoun, Khaled Aliane and Imane Berrezoug Hıba
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020017 (2017);
Physico-chemical composition of urban wet weather discharges in Seybous Watershed (North Eastern Algeria)
Samira Khadri, Abd ElAziz Laraba and Nadjib Haied
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020018 (2017);
Adsorptive kinetic mechanism of heavy metal cations on the surface of graphite oxide and its SiO2 composite
Imtithal Sheet, Ahmad Kabbani and Hanafy Holail
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020019 (2017);
Nonlinear analysis of concrete beams strengthened by date palm fibers
Samia Bouzouaid and Abdelouahed Kriker
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020020 (2017);
A Trnsys simulation of a solar-driven ejector air conditioning system with an integrated PCM cold storage
Yosr Allouche, Szabolcs Varga, Chiheb Bouden and Armando Oliveira
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020021 (2017);
Contribution of rheological characteristics of pavement structure with addition of brick waste
Zoubida Senisna and Med Tahar Bentebba
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020022 (2017);
Compressive strength of dune sand reinforced concrete
Mani Mohammed, Kriker Abdelouahed and Belferrag Allaoua
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020023 (2017);
A multi-criteria model for the comparison of building envelope energy retrofits
Giuseppe Donnarumma and Pierfrancesco Fiore
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020024 (2017);
The valorization of the plastic waste to the rheological characteristics of bituminous mixtures
Mohammed Boucherba, Abdelouahed Kriker and Nabil Kebaili
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020025 (2017);
Shrinkage modeling of concrete reinforced by palm fibres in hot dry environments
Hamida Akchiche and Abdelouahed Kriker
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020026 (2017);
Spatio-temporal analysis of extreme rainfall and flooding in the semi-arid region of Algeria and its application to the regionalization of flood flow estimates
Fares Belagoune, Djamel Boutoutaou and Mehdi Bellout
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020027 (2017);
National hydrogen technology competitiveness analysis with an integrated fuzzy AHP and TOPSIS approaches: In case of hydrogen production and storage technologies
Seongkon Lee and Gento Mogi
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020028 (2017);
Contribution study to the thermal insulation of the builders in the desert regions of exploiting gypsum fiber reinforced palm
Fouad Hafsi, Abdelouahed Kriker and Said Abani
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020029 (2017);
Degradation evaluation of PV modules operating under Northern Saharan environment in Algeria
Omar Charrouf, Achour Betka, Hefaidh hadef, Mebarek Djebabra and Mourad Tiar
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020030 (2017);
Control strategy based on SPWM switching patterns for grid connected photovoltaic inverter
L. Hassaine and A. Mraoui
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020031 (2017);
Effects of mineral additions on durability and physico-mechanical properties of mortar
A. Logbi, A. Kriker and Z. Snisna
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020032 (2017);
Performance optimization of a photovoltaic chain conversion by the PWM control
M. R. Rezoug and R. Chenni
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020033 (2017);
Investigating inhibition of microbes inducing microbiologically-influenced-corrosion by Tectona grandis based Fe-nanoparticle material
Joshua Olusegun Okeniyi, Olugbenga Adeshola Omotosho, Michael Anietie Inyang, Elizabeth Toyin Okeniyi, Ikechi Thaddeus Nwaokorie, Emmanuel Amanogho Adidi, Taiwo Felicia Owoeye, Kelechukwu Chinedu Nwakudu, Deborah Kehinde Akinlabu, Olanrewaju Oyewale Gabriel, Olugbenga Samson Taiwo and Olufisayo Adebola Awotoye
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020034 (2017);
C3H7NO2S effect on concrete steel-rebar corrosion in 0.5 M H2SO4 simulating industrial/microbial environment
Joshua Olusegun Okeniyi, Christopher Chukwuweike Nwadialo, Folusho Emmanuel Olu-Steven, Samaru Smart Ebinne, Taiwo Ebenezer Coker, Elizabeth Toyin Okeniyi, Adebanji Samuel Ogbiye, Taiwo Omowunmi Durotoye and Emmanuel Omotunde Oluwasogo Badmus
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020035 (2017);
C6H5NH2 effect on the corrosion inhibition of aluminium in 0.5 M HCl
Olugbenga Adeshola Omotosho, Joshua Olusegun Okeniyi, Cleophas Akintoye Loto, Abimbola Patricia Idowu Popoola, Ekundayo Oluwademilade Jacob Fademi, Segun Isaac Oladipupo, Ayomide Samuel Alabi, Omokolade Bamidele Ajibola and Alex Nwabunor Emelieze
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020036 (2017);
Stratagems of popular homes in the desertic climate…now, in the process of perdition
Nawal Benslimane and Ratiba Wided Biara
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020037 (2017);
Recov’Heat: An estimation tool of urban waste heat recovery potential in sustainable cities
Alain Goumba, Samuel Chiche, Xiaofeng Guo, Morgane Colombert and Patricia Bonneau
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020038 (2017);
Efficiency optimization of a photovoltaic water pumping system for irrigation in Ouargla, Algeria
M. L. Louazene, M. C. Alonso Garcia and D. Korichi
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020039 (2017);
Impact of operating conditions on cooling capacity for sorption systems using water as refrigerant
Brice Tremeac, Florine Giraud and Pierrick Vallon
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020040 (2017);
Adiabatic expansion effect of natural gas at the downstream extremity of the pipeline
Mohand Kessal, Khadidja Amara and Idir Belaidi
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020041 (2017);
Impact of the filling level on the global heat transfer coefficient of a plate cross section for sorption heat pumps
Florine Giraud, Yacine Hamitouche, Pierrick Vallon and Brice Tremeac
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020042 (2017);
Crumb rubber impact to the mechanical performance of concrete based at round gravel
Wafa Bouaka and Abdelouahed Kriker
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020043 (2017);
Contribution to the hydrodynamic modeling of groundwater in the Ain El Bel syncline Wilaya of Djelfa (Algeria)
Mohamed Azlaoui, Imed Eddine Nezli, Belkhier Djelita and Djamel Boutoutaou
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020044 (2017);
Experimental evaluation of sound transmission through single, double and laminated glazing
Rawad Assaf, Georges Descombes, Francis Guillemard, Elias Elhachem and Walid Larbi
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020045 (2017);
Fin-and-tube heat exchanger material and inlet velocity effect under frosting conditions
Elie Keryakos, Joseph Toubassy, Amélie Danlos, Denis Clodic and Georges Descombes
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020046 (2017);
Material and fin pitch effect on frosting CO2 in a fin-and-tube heat exchanger
Joseph Bassila, Joseph Toubassy, Amélie Danlos, Georges Descombes and Denis Clodic
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020047 (2017);
Optimal tracking and second order sliding power control of the DFIG wind turbine
S. Abdeddaim, A. Betka and O. Charrouf
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020048 (2017);
Investigation of a hybrid PVT air collector system
S. Haddad, K. Touafek, M. Mordjaoui, A. Khelifa and I. Tabet
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020049 (2017);
Assessing long-term water demand of constantine province in Kébir-Rhumel Mediterranean catchment
H. Kiniouar, A. Hani and A. Younsi
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020050 (2017);
Experimental study of heat transfer in parabolic trough solar receiver: Using two different heat transfer fluids
Reda Tahtah, Ali Bouchoucha, Cherifa Abid, Mahfoud Kadja and Fouzia Benkafada
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020051 (2017);
Experimental study of heat pump thermodynamic cycles using CO2 based mixtures - Methodology and first results
Paul Bouteiller, Marie-France Terrier and Pascal Tobaly
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020052 (2017);
Channel geometric scales effect on performance and optimization for serpentine proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC)
Kerkoub Youcef, Benzaoui Ahmed, Yasmina Ziari and Haddad Fadila
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020053 (2017);
Influence of the spectral distribution of light on the characteristics of photovoltaic panel. Comparison between simulation and experimental
Meriem Chadel, Mohammed Moustafa Bouzaki, Asma Chadel, Pierre Petit, Jean-Paul Sawicki, Michel Aillerie and Boumediene Benyoucef
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020054 (2017);
Parameters and characteristics of PV solar modules under the influence of thermal stresses
Jean Zaraket, Takla Salame, Michel Aillerie and Chafic Salame
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020055 (2017);
A territorial diagnostic of the french region Pays de la Loire through the prism of energy metabolism
David Merlaut, Jean-François Hétet, David Chalet and André Sobszak
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020056 (2017);
The prevalence and distribution of indicators of fecal contamination in the sand from beaches of Oran coast
N. Messaoui, A. Matallah-Boutiba and Z. Boutiba
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020057 (2017);
Push-pull with recovery stage high-voltage DC converter for PV solar generator
The Vinh Nguyen, Michel Aillerie, Pierre Petit, Hong Thang Pham and Thành Vinh Vo
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020058 (2017);
Power supply improvements for ballasts-low pressure mercury/argon discharge lamp for water purification
A. Aissa Bokhtache, A. Zegaoui, A. Djahbar, H. Allouache, K. Hemici, F. Z. Kessaissia, M. S. Bouchrit and M. Aillerie
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020059 (2017);
A novel concept of electrical drives based on two five-phases PMSM connected in parallel and supplied by a single inverter
K. Tounsi, A. Djahbar, A. Zegaoui, M. Boutoubat, A. Aissa Bokhtache, H. Allouache and M. Aillerie
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020060 (2017);
Sliding mode control for a three phase multicellular inverter dedicated to renewable energy systems
K. Hemici, A. Zegaoui, A. Djahbar, A. Aissa Bokhtache, F. Z. Kessaissia, H. Allouache, M. O. Mahmoudi and M. Aillerie
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020061 (2017);
Comparison between a classical command law and a new advanced recovery command law in a MCB-ARS boost
Pierre Petit, Frédéric Saint-Eve, Jean-Paul Sawicki and Michel Aillerie
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020062 (2017);
Maximum power point tracking algorithm based on sliding mode and fuzzy logic for photovoltaic sources under variable environmental conditions
L. Atik, P. Petit, J. P. Sawicki, Z. T. Ternifi, G. Bachir, M. Della and M. Aillerie
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020063 (2017);
On the effect of Di-Ethyl-Ether (DEE) injection upon the cold starting of a biodiesel fuelled compression ignition engine
Adrian Clenci, Rodica Niculescu, Victor Iorga-Simăn, Alina Trică and Amélie Danlos
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020064 (2017);
On the use of an Arduino-based controller to control the charging process of a wind turbine
Faisal Mahmuddin, Ahmad Muhtam Yusran and Syerly Klara
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020065 (2017);
Application of voltage oriented control technique in a fully renewable, wind powered, autonomous system with storage capabilities
Georgios P. Kondylis, Georgios A. Vokas, Anestis G. Anastasiadis and Stavros A. Konstantinopoulos
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020066 (2017);
Photovoltaic energy production map of Greece based on simulated and measured data
Georgios A. Vokas, Konstantinos V. Lagogiannis, Panagiotis Papageorgas and Takla Salame
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020067 (2017);
Calculation of greenhouse gas emissions of jatropha oil and jatropha biodiesel as alternative fuels for electricity production in Côte d’Ivoire
Pascal Atta Atta, Yao N’guessan, Celine Morin, Anne Jaecker Voirol and Georges Descombes
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020068 (2017);
Development of a fixed bed gasifier model and optimal operating conditions determination
Manel Dahmani, Christelle Périlhon, Christophe Marvillet, Noureddine Hajjaji, Ammar Houas and Zouhour Khila
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020069 (2017);
Renewable energy sources, the internet of things and the third industrial revolution: Smart grid and contemporary information and communication technologies
Aristidis Kitsios, Konstantinos Bousakas, Takla Salame, Bachirou Bogno, Panagiotis Papageorgas, Georgios A. Vokas, Fabrice Mauffay, Pierre Petit, Michel Aillerie and Jean-Pierre Charles
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020070 (2017);
Prefabricated solution to modular construction in Cape Verde
Nuno Vieira, Miguel Amado and Fernando Pinho
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020071 (2017);
Energy consumption renewable energy development and environmental impact in Algeria - Trend for 2030
F. Sahnoune, K. Imessad and D. M. Bouakaz
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020072 (2017);
Experimental verification of internal parameter in magnetically coupled boost used as PV optimizer in parallel association
Jean-Paul Sawicki, Frédéric Saint-Eve, Pierre Petit and Michel Aillerie
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020073 (2017);
Optimization of automotive Rankine cycle waste heat recovery under various engine operating condition
Plamen Punov, Nikolay Milkov, Quentin Danel, Christelle Perilhon, Pierre Podevin and Teodossi Evtimov
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020074 (2017);
Ultimate efficiency of cascade solar cells based on homogeneous tunnel-junction structures in CPV systems
Yuri D. Arbuzov, Vladimir M. Evdokimov and Olga V. Shepovalova
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020075 (2017);
Tile-integrated photovoltaic modules with concentrator
Dmitriy S. Strebkov and Olga V. Shepovalova
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020076 (2017);
Fabrication process study for matrix silicon solar cells
Olga V. Shepovalova
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020077 (2017);
Numerical study of a permanent magnet linear generator for ship motion energy conversion
Faisal Mahmuddin, Indar Chaerah Gunadin and Anshar Yaumil Akhir
AIP Conference Proceedings 1814, 020078 (2017);